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Better Tech, Better Business

When Daniel Goldburg, CSCI President, joined the company in 2001 as a technology and operations consultant, he was recruited to improve what had already been highly successful systems and processes since the founding of the business in 1993. Let that sink in a second. CSCI was profitable right out of the gate and continued to be year after year. Yet Mr. Goldburg, a Cornell University graduate, was brought in to make what was already working work better.

“We don’t subscribe to the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mindset,” Goldburg says. “We never have. Complacency leads to crisis, or worse, you become irrelevant and go out of business.”

According to Goldburg, old school shell contractors typically estimate using Microsoft Excell, measure with a digitizing pad and print out hard copy takeoffs for each phase of work that are hand delivered to the superintendent. The super then orders materials by phone or email; vouchers or P.O.s are then generated for the subcontract labor, which must be approved for payment; vendor invoices are approved; etc.

At CSCI, we employ a progressive system with on-screen estimating, bidding, cost management, materials generation, electronic superintendent approvals, subcontractor draw approvals, automatic invoicing and day-by-day project management.

“Our processes provide best in class bid accuracy,” Goldburg says. “We have very accurate pricing with minimal errors, efficient job site management, minimal waste, unparalleled communication with the client, vendors and subs, and cost clarification of materials to the penny, and all our projects are managed identically, so there’s minimal risk of progress interruption. All of which ultimately means higher quality, faster completion and lower costs.”