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Our Technology

Estimating Management System

Plans received electronically and inputted into our state-of-the-art estimating workflow management software system

Superintendent On-Screen Approvals

Superintendent releases material POs to vendors via tablet, system allows for change requests automatically routed to management for review and approval

On-Sceen Estimating and Bidding

Takeoffs completed on screen and quantities automatically transfer to bidding software, which employs pre-established shell assemblies

Subcontractor Draw Approval

Superintendent approves completed work, which is then routed to management for approval, and then "auto-paid" the following week

Materials Cost Generation

Complete bill of materials generated, and actual vendor costs applied to create extremely accurate cost estimate

Auto Invoicing Prompts

As work is completed, system prompts accounting to invoice our customers for a seamless completion of process

Project Management System

Upon winning bid, takeoff transferred to project management software where bill of material is categorized into predetermined purchase orders, subcontractor draws are determined and set, and all tasks organized into the jobsite schedule

Customer Benefits

Best-in-class bid accuracy, minimal errors and waste, reduced cycle time, significant cost savings for client and all job info readily available to client as needed