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Masonry: CMU Walls and Columns

Masonry is the new standard for wall construction throughout Florida and CSCI’s team of masons are the industry leaders in the state. At CSCI, our masonry services include CMU construction of unlimited size, height and complexity in any finish type, from tooled joints to struck block, for sophisticated exterior or interior aesthetics

At CSCI, our CMU construction methods and innovative workflow and tracking processes for residential homes and buildings to support floor joists, arches, vaults, roof rafters and other vertical loads save time and cost and improve quality and build efficiency.

From basic masonry to sophisticated aesthetic options, we use only high-quality materials for cost-effective, fast and appealing results that keep the most popular home builders and general contractors returning for our services.

Material options for CMUs include precast concrete block and cast-in-place concrete block, both of which can be shaped for stretcher blocks, header blocks, bond beam blocks, corner blocks and more.